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This site contains a variety of resources for the Suzuki RG500 Gamma.    The full bulk of my RG tech files are posted on my FTP site, where you can browse thru the folders and download anything you like.

•I have archived a TON of email and tech info regarding the RG500, and two strokes in general.   It’s organized into categories and posted for download in large, zipped chunks.   You’ll have to search it to find what you need, but I bet 90% of your RG questions have an answer in those archives. Download them if you like, put them on CDs or something if you lack disk space.  There is about 1.7GB of total data to download.  I will refresh these archives periodically when I have enough new info.

There are links and info regarding upcoming RG Rendezvous events.  Lots of RG owners have had the chance to meet and get to know each other through trackdays or other excuses for outings.  Many of these events have been covered in national magazines in the US and Europe!  Don’t miss out-  how else are you going to see a swarm of RG500s filling the pits at a racetrack? 

•There is a link to the RG owners “frappr” map, an online map where you can add a marker to show us where you are!  Frappr seems to be dying a slow death, it may no longer allow updates.

Links to the RG500 mailing list; how to plug-in to the RG500  online community.

FAQ for people considering an RG500.

•In addition to the downloadable resources, there are some pages regarding specific RG stuff that may be of interest. Almost any RG tech you find on this site is also to be found in the RG resource downloads, albeit in less-organized fashion. Chassis tech, engine tech, and dyno charts for a start; you never know what will get added as I go along!

I added a bit of info about my favorite project bike– my own RG500 – and links to external sites with more info on my TZ-barreled hybrid.

A list of links to useful RG500, 2-stroke or other technical resources.

There is too much widely-scattered info for me to move it all locally into this website.  So, there will be lots of links to external pages- that’s all there is to it!  This site is meant to be a jumping-off point, more or less.


So many Questions!

Do you have an RG500?  Want to become part of the RG500 online community?  Just want to meet up with other RG owners at the next track event?  Simply looking for more info on the bike?  

If you don’t find what you want in these pages or out there on the linked RG sites, or if you just have a question or comment, feel free to email me at  I’m always happy to chat with other RG owners and have learned a LOT from the folks I’ve met online.  You may provide that inspiration I need to get down there in the basement and finish whatever upgrade I’m working on!

Well well well, finally getting somewhere