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All 2T fans (and bikes) are welcome to attend the Gamma & RZ Gathering 2017 in conjunction with the Barber Vintage festival over the October 6-7-8 weekend near Birmingham, Alabama. This is a stellar 3-day weekend filled with tons of classic bikes (dirt and pavement), vintage racing (trials, roadracing, MX, etc), a spectacular location to hang about, good local roads for riding,  a world-class museum, and dirt-cheap admission to all of the above.   There are also stunt shows by vintage aircraft and tons of spectators on unusual machinery all taking place at a world-class facility that caters to bikes first and foremost.

The plan is that we attend the vintage festival and use it as an excuse to get together with our Gammas,  RZ500s,  and whatever 2-strokes we can muster.  There will be no shortage of things to see at the gorgeous track or museum (one of the best motorcycle museums in the world). There are all sorts of good riding destinations in Alabama,  and if you are bent on riding around Barber you can participate in the parade laps sessions available during the weekend, or you can RACE if you are an AHRMA racer (more details under “RACE REQS“). I have been to the vintage fest twice and IT IS GREAT. It’s a perfect venue to get together with our cool bikes in an atmosphere that actually appreciates vintage machinery!

We’re working with promoters to get our RGs/RZs into a bike show during the weekend at this event.

There is even an “Open 2-stroke GP” class that will run on Saturday and Sunday, and Gamma or RZ owners so inclined can take to the racetrack to lay down some blue smoke over the weekend. Licensed AHRMA racers only, alas.   There is a SUTER MMX500 slated to run in this class at Barber!

If nothing else, drag yourself and your Gamma or RZ or 2T down to Barber for 3 days of benchracing, oogling bikes, and hanging about with the rest of the 2-stroke gang. You will suffer an overdose of cool hardware exposure and probably go home with a strained jaw from chattering for 3 days, but other than that we will have a blast own there.

We’d love to hear from you! PLEASE take this survey to add you and your bike(s) to the poll and share your thoughts for what you’d like to see over the course of the festival.


For more information about the festival, click here.


Look who’s coming to Gamma & RZ Gathering 2017! Click on the photos to see attendee bios.

Randy & Holly Norian
Brad Martin
Paul Ashley
Steve Gyimesi
Stuart Jones






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