The Gamma Gang is a fun group. Always been a Gamma Groupie never an owner.

FROM: Wixom, Michigan

PROFESSION: Engineering


LOOKING FORWARD TO AT BARBER: Hangin out with “Old Stuff”… Old Guys, Old Stories, Old Ideas, Old memories, Old bikes

HOW I GOT INTO BIKES OR 2T: My uncle took me for a 35 mile road trip on his Ariel square four. I was around 11 years old. I was scarred for life. And HAPPY FOR IT!

WHAT’S IN MY GARAGE: BMW R80/7, Yamaha FJR, Suzuki DRZ400s, Suzuki SV650, Yamaha PW50

MY GO-TO STREETBIKE: FJR, I don’t do much round town stuff. No curvy roads in Michigan. So if I go for a bike ride, it will probably be a couple hundred miles.

WHAT I WISH I HAD IN MY GARAGE: RC30… Always wanted one since it came out. Almost pulled the trigger once. I’ve never seen one on the street.

RIDING STYLES, ROUTES, OR PLACES I ENJOY: Brisk pace down a curvy deserted country road. Long trips down roads I’ve never seen before with my wife on the back.

LIFE OR MOTO HISTORY: 14 got an S32 Suzuki 150. Bought the Beemer in 78′. Saw the west coast on it. Had kids. Met Jim Comrie cuz our wives worked together and thot we should meet as we both liked motorcycles. Still my bestest buddy! Stopped touring. Started racing. Got an RZ350 in 86′ and raced it until 1999. Got an SV and kept racing until 2014. Raced an endurance series and won the LW class on an SV 2008. Rode the FJR with my wife on the back and my daughter on her SFV to Alaska and back 2015. Did some ADV type dirt stuff in Utah 2013, Colorado 2016 and Utah 2016. Got my Iron Butt award on the FJR last October. Got my 50th state on a motorcycle this spring. Met Randy Norian in there somewhere…..



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