Thanks everyone for participating! Can’t wait to meet everybody and soak up a long weekend of awesome bikes and racing.

FROM: Des Moines, Iowa

PROFESSION: Print Systems Analyst

TO GET TO BARBER, I’M TRAVELING 857 miles in the van!

LOOKING FORWARD TO AT BARBER:  50% god help me I want to have the Delta going – and get on the grid with a Suter MMX. 50% relax with the 2T guys and check out all the sights – Museum especially! Even the bikes parked all around the event are a show in itself.

HOW I GOT INTO BIKES OR 2T:  My dad had an RD350 and there were always Cycle magazines around. Cycle probably got me started….my buddy and I bought a Honda step-thru at a garage sale for $5 back when we were in 5th grade and got it running, and that was it for me. I put in 1/2 of the purchase price for a used XL100 when I was 12, rode that till I moved to Iowa, but lusted for a Kawaski disc valve dirt bike. Bought an RD350 when I was in high school and became RD mad. Much tuning and modding ensued. Lay down shocks, homemade electronic ignition, chopped up and re-welded pipes – all the stuff to make the bike blow up more and go slightly faster. Got an RG500 from Charles Rudesyle in 1989 and things got serious. Found great mentors Greg Lewis and Bob Cesare. Found the Gammalist when I was in college and got sucked in even deeper. Thanks, Rob Koopman, Dan Dinardo and Erik Johnson!

WHAT’S IN MY GARAGE:  RD350, RD400, 94 TZ250, 97 RS250R, RG500 (The DELTA) , TL1000S 1140cc, KTM 1290 Superduke R and holy crap, that bike is an animal.

MY GO-TO STREETBIKE: It varies…? The RD400 gets ridden an awful lot for short hops. The KTM is the main street ride at present.

WHAT I WISH I HAD IN MY GARAGE: Aprilia RSW250 or any of the last gen factory 250GP bikes. I could actually ride one and have fun with it on a racetrack, unlike a 500 which would likely kill me.

RIDING STYLES, ROUTES, OR PLACES I ENJOY: I LOVE track riding but have been away too long. Not many twisties here in Iowa. SE Ohio is a great twisty destination.

LIFE OR MOTO HISTORY: Dirt and street rider till the 1990s when I started racing on my RG500. Switched to 4T racebikes and raced an FZR600, Honda F2 and ZX6R. Backed off racing and got a TL1000S… 3-time winner of Brute HP shootout during bike week, running my 500 against 600 and 750cc machines. Started organizing the occasional GammaGathering, usually around a track day weekend somewhere. Just trying to keep it rubber side down! I have ridden over 30 bikes on the racetracks all across the US (and UK!) and really enjoy all the different machines, tuning and riding equally. Oh yeah. I have never won a race.


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